Stay energetic – even as you age

One of the things people complain about when they move in to their 40s and 50s is how they lack energy. It doesn’t have to be that way. With Bio-Quinone Q10 you can keep up the pace in a natural way aided by coenzyme Q10 and vitamin C, a nutrient that helps the body maintain normal energy levels.

When you were in your twenties and thirties, energy was not really an issue. All you had to worry about was getting a good night’s sleep. You never felt run down like you do once you reach mid-life. But there is no reason why you should accept that your energy levels dwindle, just because you have grown older. With Bio-Quinone Q10, a clever combination of coenzyme Q10 and vitamin C, a nutrient that plays a role in maintaining normal energy levels, you’ll find it much easier to keep your energy levels within in their normal range. It is natural, it is safe, and it is becoming increasingly popular as a shortcut to increased well-being.

The Documented Q10
The reason why Bio-Quinone Q10 has gained so much popularity is that vitamin C contributes to what science refers to as “normal energy-yielding metabolism”. Phrased differently, it helps the body produce the energy that is needed for the upkeep of daily activities such as work, housekeeping, exercise etc.

Active ageing
Why should you not be able to stay active just because you grow older? Why not make use of the science-based formula that can help you maintain your energy production so you can enjoy things like longs walks, a game of tennis, or garden work?

More and more people are discovering how much Bio-Quinone Q10 can do for them in terms of enabling them to stay active in all imaginable ways.

Facts about Bio-Quinone Q10                    

Bio-Quinone Q10 was introduced in Europe over 25 years ago.
Today, the product is the leading Q10 brand because of its documented quality:

  • It contains pure, body-identical (yeast-fermented) coenzyme Q10
  • It is documented in nearly 100 published science studies
  • Its light-protected softgel capsules prevent UV-light from destroying the active compound
  • It is recommended by scientists worldwide because of its reliable quality and safety
  • It contains biologically active vitamin C

Superior asbsorption


‘That I still feel so energetic and well, has everything to do with the supplement with co-enzyme Q10 and vitamin C I have been using for years,’ says Gino Bisutti, who ended his career in the military ten years ago.

‘To me, it’s like I turned back the clock many years,’ Gino laughs. ‘I’ve regained the energy to live an active life, like I always used to. Of course, I get tired just like everybody else, but now it’s after having been active. Like some time ago, when I helped my son paint his house. After hours of work we dropped in our chairs and felt a gratifying tiredness, no listlessness. That’s a huge difference!’

Energy gradually dwindled
In the military, Gino played a lot of sports with his colleagues. He got enough exercise and the compulsory annual sports test was no problem. However, after he retired from the service, the exercise became less and less, also due to the fact that his energy gradually diminished. ‘Sometimes, I already felt tired early in the morning. Contrary to my nature, I could just sit on the couch, doing nothing,’ Gino tells. ‘Of course, that didn’t feel good and I sometimes wondered if there might be a remedy to get my energy back.’

Found a solution
About five years ago, looking for just such a remedy, Gino read an article about co-enzyme Q10 with vitamine C and the importance of this vitamin substance for the energy production in our body. ‘It was a very convincing story that made me decide to try these capsules myself. The result was great! I felt how my energy returned, making it seem like I was going back in time for years. Though I was actually already convinced that I had found my energy restoring remedy, I wanted to be absolutely sure.’

Putting Q10 to the test
To be sure that it really was the supplement with Q10 that gave him new energy, Gino decided to stop with the capsules and see what would happen. ‘After two or three weeks I found that my energy was slowly dwindling. That was all the proof I needed. From that day on I have always taken my daily capsule and I feel absolutely great.’

An unexpected positive side-effect of the Q10/vitamin C supplement was that Gino’s problems with his gums also seemed to vanish. ‘I suffered from little collagen and had a lot of troubles with inflamed gums. I even went to hospital to have the affected tissue examined. But to my surprise all these problems disappeared after I had started on the product. Afterwards, I heard that this is a well known effect of the supplement, but for me it came as an unexpected and very welcome bonus.’

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