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    Titanium Dioxide

    Titanium dioxide with E-number 171 is a white, inorganic dye extracted from titanium-bearing minerals. It is insoluble in water and is not absorbed by the body. In some preparations it may have the pigment code CI 77891.

    Titanium dioxide is added both to adjust the colour of the tablet and to protect the active substances from sunlight. This helps us to guarantee efficacy throughout the shelf life of the product.

    There is no legal restriction on how much can be taken.

    Pharma Nord uses pharmaceutical-grade titanium dioxide.

    In 2016, titanium dioxide was re-evaluated by EFSA, which concluded that titanium dioxide has an extremely low bioavailability that is independent of particle size. Its use in dietary supplements did not raise any concerns in terms of toxicity or possible carcinogenicity. Negative studies linked to titanium dioxide have been non-food-grade or nano-material. It has not been about approved E-171.