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Why do athletes have more stamina than others

Muscle cells, among others, use coenzyme Q10 to generate energy in the cells' mitochondria. Athletes have many more of these small "power plants" in the cells, and even in a different form, which according to new research enables them to make 25% more energy.

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Pharma Nord Q10 used in the Q-symbio study

Pharma Nord Q10 does it again: Occupy the headlines in health news journals around the world. Most recently, Professor Sven Aage Mortensen from Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen and his colleagues in EU and Asia presented the results of the Q-symbio study at a congress of cardiologists

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Pharma Nord launches US website

Friday, January 8th. Pharma Nord launched a US website and associated webshop Initially we introduce six of our best selling products, some of which are available in two different sizes.

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