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    New study shows how vitamin D supports the immune system via the intestine


    An important part of vitamin D’s role in immune health is related to our intestine, according to a new study.


    Vitamin D helps control a host of different body functions, including our immune defense. Now, Danish scientists from Aalborg University in collaboration with British and American colleagues, have observed in a study of 1.5 million Danes that vitamin D influences the intestinal microflora that supports the body’s immune system. Considering that 70-80 percent of our immune cells are contained in our gut, it hardly comes as a surprise that vitamin D is involved in our intestinal biochemistry. Researchers just haven’t been aware of this connection earlier. 


    Vitamin D receptors in all tissues

    The study, which is published in the journal Science, adds to the growing pile of research that shows how important vitamin D is for our ability to maintain a normal immune defense. Earlier, science believed the vitamin was only relevant for bone health, but vitamin D receptors (VDR) have now been found in virtually all our different tissues, indicating how important this vitamin is for maintaining a well-functioning body.


    Huge analysis of 1.5 million Danes

    The new research is divided into two phases. The first phase consists of mouse studies in which the researchers looked at how vitamin D affected the immune defense of the mice via intestinal mechanisms. There was a clear and significant relation. In the second phase, the researchers made similar comparisons by looking at humans. They studied available health data from 1.5 million Danes and could see the exact same connection as they observed in the mice. Denmark has a highly unique system of well-organized and comprehensive health information about the population that allows us to make comparisons like these. Based on their findings, the researchers conclude that the results of the mouse studies also apply to humans.


    Scientists use D-Pearls for their studies

    A lot of studies are being conducted to investigate vitamin D’s role in human health. One of the most thoroughly tested vitamin D preparations is D-Pearls from Pharma Nord. The product contains biologically active vitamin D3 in ecological olive oil for optimal absorption, which is both crucial for absorbing the nutrient in the blood and for conducting high-quality research. 


    Documented quality

    The D-Pearls supplement has been tested by Norwegian scientists from Oslo University in a study of muscle function in well-trained athletes. The supplement was also tested by researchers from Queen Mary University in London in a study of the immune defense. In a third study, scientists compared school pupils’ vitamin D status and their ability to solve mentally challenging tasks. They also used D-Pearls in this study. A similar study was carried out on adult test participants in the United States. All studies have been published and show that D-Pearls taken in the different doses is effectively absorbed in the blood.

    Vitamin D regulates microbiome-dependent cancer immunity.
    Science, 2024; 384 (6694): 428 
    DOI: 10.1126/science.adh7954


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