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    Poor blood supply? The easy way to get the circulation going

    Pain in the legs or cold hands and feet may indicate a poor blood supply. Fortunately, you can do something about the problem with the herbal remedy Ginkgo biloba. We will get back to this in a moment, but first, we will just tell you why you should choose Bio-Biloba a dietary supplement prepared according to the pharmaceutical protocol.

    The scientific journal Phytomedicine has published a study in which Canadian researchers looked at 29 different dietary supplements containing Ginkgo biloba extract. The vast majority of samples proved useless. Only 10% of the tested preparations contained the biologically active ingredients found in the leaves of the Ginkgo biloba tree. The rest of the preparations had nothing to do with Ginkgo biloba.


    Choose Ginkgo biloba made as a medicine

    Plant extracts containing fake ingredients is an increasing problem. As a consumer, there is only one thing you can do, namely to stick to preparations like Bio-Biloba, which is controlled by the Danish Medicines Agency.


    Good help having a poor blood supply

    Ginkgo biloba has for many years been a widely used drug in Europe for symptoms of poor blood circulation. Often these are problems which the doctor does not associate with a serious illness but which is merely a natural consequence of old age.
    Symptoms may include dizziness, ringing in the ears, impaired memory, pain in the legs from walking and cold hands and feet.
    Ginkgo biloba promotes blood circulation in the brain and in the body's small blood vessels and can help alleviate these symptoms.


    Help your blood circulation

    You can also do other things to make your blood roll faster through the years:

    • You can exercise regularly as it strengthens your heart and helps to pump blood to all tissues.
    • You can avoid smoking because smoking tobacco damages your heart and blood circulation.
    • You can aim to eat a healthy and varied diet that contains healthy fats as well as the nutrients that are beneficial to your blood circulation.
    • You can try to avoid stress, which is known to have a negative impact on the blood circulation.

    Change in color documents the effect

    A large number of experiments with Bio-Biloba have been performed. One of them is particularly of interest as it shows the effect visually. In the experiment, so-called thermographic photo equipment has been used, which detects temperature differences and reproduces them in color. The investigator was asked to lower his hand in seven degrees of cold water and then keep it under the water for two minutes.

    Goodbye to "blue fingers"

    Immediately after the hand was taken up from the water, it was photographed. After 10 minutes, it was photographed again to show if the heat had returned to the fingers. The experiment was performed again, but this time the person should take Bio-Biloba before immersion of the hand in cold water.

    The photos shown below clearly show how the temperature rises significantly faster after using Bio-Biloba. The blue color is coldest, and the red color is the warmest.

    Warm hands with Bio-Biloba

    Without using Bio-Biloba: During 10 minutes, skin temperature rises from 12.6°
    to about 20° C. Converted to Fahrenheit: From 54.7° to 68° F.

    After use of Bio-Biloba: During 10 minutes the skin temperature rises from about 13.8°
    to approx. 30.9 °C. Converted to Fahrenheit: From 56.8° to 87.6° F.

    The above thermophotographs show the blood flow in the hands of a person before and after using Bio-Biloba. The hands have been immersed in 7° C. (44.6° F.)  cold water for 2 minutes and have been thermophotographed immediately afterwards, and after 10 minutes.


    Based on decades of research

    Bio-Biloba is based on the results of decades of research in Ginkgo biloba, where you have carefully observed how the active substances work in the body. The result is a preparation that utilizes the circulatory properties of the substances in the most appropriate way so as to provide the best effect in the body.

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