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    Study - Magnesium is more important than you might imagine

    If you are unsure what magnesium is good for, keep reading - to find out how Bio-Magnesium can help you.

    Did you know that magnesium is part of more than 300 different enzymes in the body? No, right? And you are far from the only one. According to a new US consumer survey, few people thought that magnesium was so important to us humans. The relatively small, yet revealing study shows that there is a need for better information about nutrients and their influence on our health.

    Keeps your muscles in shape

    Let's just take a closer look at what magnesium really does. One of the important features of this substance, which we get from among others spinach, pumpkin seeds, almonds and avocado, is to provide well-functioning muscles. As you know, you have muscles everywhere in the body. It's not just about biceps, triceps and thigh muscles. Your heart is also a muscle - and the most important - and it's vital that the heart works as it should. You also have so-called smooth muscle tissue, which for example is found in the intestinal tract.


    Good for the bones

    Magnesium also helps you keep your bone tissue and teeth solid. Imagine how important it is when you grow up. Magnesium ensures that the amount of calcium in the various tissues is regulated. It helps calcium into the bone cells, which benefits from calcium. Conversely, magnesium causes muscle cells and other cells in our soft tissues not to be flooded with calcium, which has no beneficial effect in large amounts there.


    Keep your nerves at ease

    Magnesium also helps our nervous system to function properly. A normal nervous system is more important than you imagine. Just think about how many body functions the nervous system helps to control. This includes muscular contractions, cardiac activity, reaction ability, etc. Stress is something that can lead to nervous system imbalance so if you feel stressed, it's important to get enough magnesium to keep it all at rest.


    Bio-Magnesium - A Reliable Magnesium Source

    You also need magnesium for the cells' energy conversion. Magnesium helps to reduce fatigue and exhaustion so if you feel tired all the time, you may need to look at whether you are eating enough magnesium-containing foods. An alternative could be to take Bio-Magnesium, which in a practical and reliable way can ensure you a sufficient amount of magnesium every day. Bio-Magnesium contains three different magnesium sources in a specially developed tablet that dissolves quickly and guarantees good absorption and bioavailability.

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