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Vitamins and minerals give bigger babies

Pregnant women give birth to bigger and heavier babies when they take supplements of multivitamins and minerals during pregnancy, studies show. As far back as 2005, the leading medical journal The Lancet published a study of 1,200 women showing that babies of mothers who had been given supplements of multivitamins and minerals weighed on average 77 grams more than babies of mothers who had only been given iron and folic acid.

A follow-up of 917 of the babies from this study, recently published in The Lancet, confirms these results. 462 of the children were born by mothers who took multivitamins and minerals, while 455 had mothers who took iron and folic acid. The children of multivitamin and mineral users weighed on average 204 grams more than children from the other group (10.9/10.7 kilograms). Also, these children were bigger, measured by the circumference of their heads, chests and upper arms.

(Source: Viadya et al.,The Lancet 2008, Volume 371, Pages 492-499)