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Why palm oil in supplements?

There are some good reasons for palm oil being one of the most commonly used oils in food supplements. Palm oil has a neutral taste, it is oxidatively stable and without trans fat. Pharma Nord's palm oil consists of 38% saturated fatty acids and 62% unsaturated fatty acids, and the amount of saturated fatty acids does not affect the cholesterol balance negatively.

There has been criticism of saturated fat for many years. Although this criticism has diminished in recent years due to the fact that leading scientists have gained a renewed understanding of saturated fat that it may also be important for our health, many are still concerned about saturated fat. However, everything is a question of quantity. The following comparison sets the amount of saturated fat in a Bio-Quinone capsule in perspective.

A capsule with Bio-Quinone Q10 contains 400 mg of oil, of which approx. 150 mg is saturated fatty acids. By comparison, you get the same amount of saturated fat by just eating 5 grams of chicken.

Approved, environmentally friendly and sustainable production
The advantage of palm oil is its high content of antioxidants, which, together with the saturated fat content ensures a stable oil that is less likely to become rancid. This means that products with palm oil can remain healthy until the sell-by date a few years after production. Pharma Nord uses unhardened palm oil that does not contain trans fats.

The oil is produced under the World Wildlife Fund 's guidelines and the palm trees are grown on approved agricultural land, that protects nature and the environment, taking into account any indigenous people so that their lifestyle is not disturbed.