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    Supports the formation of normal sperm cells

    Box with 60 soft gelatin capsules containing Q10 and selenium

    Make the dream come true:

    • Supports the production of normal healthy sperm cells
    • Protects sperm cells from oxidative damage
    • Manufactured under Danish pharmaceutical control.


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    *National variations in composition, indications and product name may apply
    2 capsules contain:     % RDA*
    Ubiquinone (coenzyme Q10) 100 mg    
    Selenium 100 µg   182%

    * RDA: Recommended Daily Allowance

    Product facts

    1 capsule 2 times daily, unless advised otherwise. Preferably during/after a meal.
    Do not exceed the recommended daily dosage.

    Can be combined with e.g., Bio-Zinc and Bio-C-vitamin.

    A dietary supplement is no substitute for a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.
    A healthy lifestyle and a varied diet are important for maintaining good health.

    Palm oil, gelatin, glycerol, purified water, coenzyme Q10, SelenoPrecise (selenium-enriched yeast*), calcium carbonate, Brilliant Blue FCF.

    Dark, dry and at room temperature.
    Keep out of reach of young children.

    * EP Patent No. 1 478 732 B1

    What is B-Daddy?

    Daddy holds his baby

    B-Daddy contains soft gelatin capsules with two patented ingredients: The selenium yeast SelenoPrecise® and Bio-Quinone Q10

    The quality of both active ingredients is documented in an array of scientific studies. Selenium protects the body's cells against oxidative damage caused by free radicals. Selenium is a constituent of a selenoprotein that supports the function of coenzyme Q10, which is a vitamin-like compound that is found in the mitochondria of all cells. The mitochondria are the cellular powerhouses that make the energy that cells need to carry out their different functions.



    What is Q10?

    Coenzyme Q10 (also known as Q10) is a vitamin-like substance that is synthesized by all humans and is found in limited quantities in the food we eat. Our endogenous coenzyme Q10 synthesis peaks in our early 20s. From that point onward, levels of the compound in our cells continue to decrease. Supplementation is a convenient way of replenishing cellular coenzyme Q10 levels. We have coenzyme Q10 in the bean-shaped structures (mitochondria) that generate energy inside our cells. Some cells have higher energy requirements (e.g., cells in heart muscle tissue, liver cells, sperm cells, etc) and are therefore packed with more mitochondria than other cell types. Because their mitochondrial density is greater, they also contain more coenzyme Q10. The Q10 source used in Pharma Nord's B-Daddy is body-identical and therefore exactly the same as the Q10 we humans produce ourselves. Pharma Nord's Q10 formulation has excellent absorption and bio-availability, which is documented in more than 100 published studies. Pharma Nord's Q10 is the official reference preparation of the ICQA (International Coenzyme Q10 Association) and is preferred by doctors and scientists worldwide.

    What is selenium?

    Selenium is an essential trace element that supports a variety of different selenium-dependent proteins (selenoproteins) that are vital for human health and well-being. The selenium used in B-Daddy is a unique, patented selenium yeast called SelenoPrecise® that contains over 20 different organically bound selenium compounds. SelenoPrecise has very good absorption and bioavailability and is documented in over 40 published studies. In addition to selenium's protective effect on cells, the nutrient is also known to support:

    • A normal and well-functioning immune defense 
    • Normal growth 
    • The production of normal, healthy sperm cells

    The hard-working sperm cell

    Conception happens when the fastest and the strongest sperm cell reaches the egg cell.An average male ejaculation delivers between 60 and 450 million microscopic sperm cells. The sperm fluid contains different sugars that serve as nutrition for the sperm cells and help them stay viable for about 2-3 days. Sperm cells mature in the testicles in a process that takes about 74 days to complete. However, as there are several million sperm-producing glands in the testicles, each testicle can produce four million sperm cells every hour.

    Anatomically speaking, a sperm cell consists of a head, a mid-piece, and a long, moveable tail. The head contains the cell nucleus with the genetic material inside. The mid-section is saturated with mitochondria. Inside every mitochondria there is Q10. The mitochondria supply the energy that is needed to fuel the rapid tail movements that propel the sperm cell on its long journey to reach the egg cell.

    The number of sperm cells is reduced with each subsequent ejaculation but starts to increase again after a few days of abstinence. Men who wish to become fathers should therefore engage in intercourse every two or three days.

    The sperm cells are some of the body’s most energy-consuming cells. They need the energy to complete the relatively long (15-25 cm) journey from the woman’s vagina through her uterus to the fallopian tube where the egg is fertilized. It is like a race for life, and very few sperm cells are able to reach the finish line.

    The more healthy sperm cells a man is able to produce, and the faster they are able to swim, the greater his chances are of becoming a father. This is where B-Daddy comes in as a useful remedy that can ensure the production of normal, healthy sperm cells.

    Illustration of sperm cell

    Official claims

    The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has evaluated the evidence behind selenium and has acknowledged the following claims:

    • Contributes to the production of normal sperm cells
    • Contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress
    • Contributes to normal functioning of the immune system
    • Contributes to normal thyroid function

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