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    SelenoPrecise best documented selenium preparation

    SelenoPrecise is one of the most well-substantiated selenium preparations when it comes to scientific evidence of stability, security and bioavailability.

    SelenoPrecise can as the only selenium tablet document a steady absorption rate at 88.7% for every batch. SelenoPrecise has a stable content of 66% organically L-selenomethionine and also contains selenium-methyl-selenocysteine and more than 20 other organically selenium sources, each of which has different functions in the body.

    Official reference product
    Pharma Nord has a worldwide patient on the raw material used in SelenoPrecise. Because of its quality and documentation SelenoPrecise is used for many scientific purposes. SelenoPrecise is officially selected as the European reference product for selenium-enriched yeast.

    Selenium is not just selenium
    Selenium is an element and a mineral existing in the soil in various amounts. In countries like U.S. Much of the agricultural land has a relatively high selenium content, while it is relatively low in Denmark and other countries. From the earth corn and other plants take up selenium. Therefore, dietary selenium content depends largely on the amount found in the agricultural land.

    As shown by the illustration, many populations in European countries have a low selenium intake from the diet. When the figures for Finland are not too low, it is due to the country's selenium enrichment of fertilizers.

    An important minerals
    We need selenium which takes part in a number of important functions in our body. Among other things, selenium is necessary for a normally functioning immune system, thyroid function, production of sperm cells, for normal hair and nails and is also included in the protecting body's cells against oxidative stress.

    Organic and inorganic selenium
    It is important to note that there are different forms of selenium when choosing preparation.

    Inorganic selenium
    Selenium products often consist of inorganic selenium in the form of simple selenium salts like sodium selenite and sodium selenate. Selenium is normally insoluble in water, but selenium in the form of selenite and selenate are soluble in water. Just over half of these two inorganic selenium salts are absorbed into the body, selenite somewhat easier than selenate, but they are also excreted fairly rapidly, which contributes to limiting their usefulness.

    Organic selenium
    Plants absorb inorganic selenium from the soil in the form of selenate. When the selenium hereafter is incorporated into the plants as selenomethionine and to a lesser degree as selenocysteine, it becomes organic selenium. The organic selenium compound L-selenomethionine - that is, selenium attached to the amino acid methionine - can also be prepared synthetically. Synthetic L-selenomethionine is widely used as an organic selenium supplements and is among the most studied selenium compounds.

    Selenium yeast
    Selenium-enriched yeast comes from yeast cells which have been cultured in a selenium rich growth medium. This gives a high content of naturally occurring organic L-selenomethionine. Selenium yeast also contains methylselenocystein and a variety of other organic selenium compounds that emulate the natural selenium variation found in the diet and which according to scientific studies are important. The yeast is subsequently inactivated by heating and serves hereafter as a selenium rich carbohydrate.

    Also differences in selenium yeast
    There are also differences in the quality of various selenium yeast products. A non-standardized selenium yeast is typically exposed to relatively large variations in the nature and quantity of the various selenium compounds. This implies that their bioavailability can vary greatly. The selenium yeast products showing the best properties are made in a pharmaceutical quality and have very small variations in the type and quantity of its various selenium compounds.


    EU's best-documented selenium product

    Many people take a selenium tablet daily, but are perhaps not aware that there can be large differences in the various products.
    If you are not sure whether you use the right product, you can try to test your current selenium tablet against SelenoPrecise which belongs to Denmark's best-documented selenium tablet.




    My current
      selenium product

    Over 20 years of user experience in EU   Yes   ?
    Scientific evidence for bioavailability   Yes   ?
    Scientific data on safety   Yes   ?
    Scientific evidence of effectiveness   Yes   ?
    Selected as European reference product for selenium-enriched yeast   Yes   ?
    Produced in Denmark under GMP control according to pharmaceutical standard   Yes   ?
    Contains more than 20 organic selenium compounds, with the most dominant being L-selenomethionine   Yes   ?
    Nature-identical selenium compounds - ie. The same types found in the selenium-containing foods   Yes   ?
    Tested and documented in 60 scientific studies   Yes   ?
    World wide patent   Yes   ?
    Used daily by thousands of consumers in more than 40 countries   Yes   ?
    Have a stable, uniform quality which does not differ from production to production   Yes   ?
    Is a genuine Danish product: Developed, manufactured and packed in Denmark under the control of the Danish authorities   Yes   ?

    SelenoPrecise is Denmark first selenium yeast product. It contains easily absorbable selenium compounds such as L-selenomethionine and selenium-methyl-selenocysteine, being part of the body's selenium dependent proteins contributing to a normal immune response, a normal thyroid and spearm production and helping to maintain the hair and nails. Finally, selenium helps to protect the body's cells against oxidative stress.

    SelenoPrecise - when you want to pay a little more for quality and safety.


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