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    Christmas Competition 2022

    The prizes are 4 different products; for each week there is a correct product to choose. Prizes cannot be exchanged for other products or for cash, credit or points. The prizes are only products from our selection of dietary supplements.

    Participants must reside within the European Union to be eligible for participation.
    Only answers given on the original post count in the competition. You can only participate in the competition once a week and once for each post.

    This is how the winners are drawn
    The winner will be notified directly on Instagram on Wednesday after each competition starts. The winner of the last weeks competition will be drawn and contacted on Wednesday 22nd of December, but the prize will most liiikely not be sent until the beginning of January 2023.
    The winner is selected on a random basis and will be contacted in a message on Instagram and announced directly on our Instagram story. The winner must then send a personal message to Pharma Nord's Instagram page or to with their full name and address to which the prize will be sent, as well as e-mail and mobile number (the latter is used for Track & Trace).
    The winner has one (1) week to collect the prize. This is done by responding to the Instagram message received from Pharma Nord announcing that the person in question has won. Pharma Nord will send the prize per. mail shortly after receiving a response from the winner. If the winner does not collect the prize within the deadline (1 week), a new winner will be drawn.
    The competition is not conditional on purchase.

    The prizes will be sent to the winner as soon as possible after we have received your full name and address in accordance with the above.

    Other information
    The competitions are not supported, sponsored, administered by or associated with Instagram.
    The information provided in connection with the competition is used exclusively for the purposes of the competition and is in accordance with GDPR.

    Pharma Nord reserves the right to delete comments that may appear offensive or that convey incorrect information about either the competition or Pharma Nord's products. This is in accordance with Pharma Nord's desire not to spread incorrect information about the products' properties.
    Pharma Nord reserves the right to change the design of the competition along the way if the need arises.