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    As physically active you need more vitamin C

    Vitamin C is good for your muscles. The more you use your body, the more important it is that you get enough of exactly this vitamin. The connection is very simple. Read on and get the explanation.

    If you engage in sports or if you simply are active in some other ways, you automatically have a greater risk of muscle injury than people who are inactive. You can do much to avoid such injuries. For example, you can warm up before you start running, you can take care when lifting heavy things, and generally take care that your body is treated with respect. But you can actually also do something completely different, that only few have thought of.

    Collagen makes your muscles elastic

    Did you know your muscles and tendons contain collagen? It is a protein that gives them elasticity and strength so that they can withstand being strained. The more collagen the soft tissue contain, the better they can be put to the test. This was demonstrated by a team of researchers who provided extra vitamin C to a group of young men who were then asked to perform physical work.
    Half of the men got vitamin C. The other half got inactive placebo preparations.

    Vitamin C and collagen


    There was a clear reason why they gave vitamin C to the participants.
    Vitamin C contributes to the body's formation of collagen. Blood tests also showed that the men who took extra vitamin C had higher blood levels of different amino acids that form part of the formation of collagen.
    This research is published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2017.

    Another reason for taking extra vitamin C is that the vitamin helps the immune system to function normally during and after extreme physical activity. In such situations, the immune system may otherwise be under severe pressure.

    Supplement in tablet form

    You get vitamin C when you eat fruit and vegetables. Citrus fruits and peppers have a high natural content of vitamin C, and the same is true of Rose hip. You can also choose to take a supplement like Bio-C Vitamin It is a registered medicine in some countries for the prevention and treatment of vitamin C deficiency.

    Bio-C Vitamin contains 750 mg vitamin C in each tablet. The source used is called calcium ascorbate, and the advantage is that it is acid-neutral and therefore extremely gentle against the gastric mucosa.