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    Do you keep your blood sugar stable?



    Or do you dig into the candy drawer in the afternoon, when your whole body – and not least your brain – is craving for a quick kick? Keeping your blood sugar stable, your head calm and your body supplied with stable energy is a state that can be difficult to achieve, especially during holidays. Maybe you need help from a certain mineral?

    There are many advantages to a stable blood sugar: you feel satiated for longer, your head is calm, and you find it easier to keep agreements with yourself to eat healthier. A fluctuating blood sugar, on the other hand, has no health benefits, and yet many of us are in the grip of blood sugar fluctuations - either on a daily basis or on top of a holiday with lots of fun and sweets.

    The mineral chromium is involved in the process of getting blood sugar out of the bloodstream and into the cells, and therefore chromium contributes to maintaining a normal blood sugar level. If your blood sugar fluctuations on a daily basis drive you into the candy drawer, chromium can be a support in some cases.


    Big difference in chromium

    The chromium that we consume through the diet is called trivalent chromium. In dietary supplements, trivalent chromium is seen in different forms like eg. chromium chloride, chromium picolinate and chromium yeast.

    Chromium is generally a mineral that is difficult for the body to absorb - also from our food.

    Chromium yeast has the highest bioavailability by far. ChromoPrecise, which Pharma Nord makes, has a proven bioavailability that is almost ten times higher than the best other chromium sources on the market.

    It is also the first chromium yeast supplement that the EU has certified to be able to support a stable blood sugar.


    A key to sugar management

    When we eat, blood sugar increases because the body releases the glucose from the food into the bloodstream. After this, an important process starts for getting the glucose from the blood and into the cells. For most people, this process takes place without problems, and the body will – with the help of hormones and nutrients – adjust the access to the cells to keep blood sugar at an even level.

    When the blood sugar fluctuations in the body are handled without problems so that the blood sugar is stable, chromium can be used to support the process of maintaining a normal blood sugar level.


    Blood sugar-friendly lifestyle

    Our lifestyle generally has an influence on whether our blood sugar fluctuations become smooth or intense. It is not only the sugar intake that plays a role, although this part plays one of the main roles.

    Exercise of lower intensity – e.g., a good long walk – helps to stabilize blood sugar. Now that we're talking about blood sugar: it's actually not an advantage to turn it up and do hard exercise.

    Sleep – neither too little nor too much – helps to balance our hormones. If we sleep too little, the body emits hunger hormones, which make it more difficult to limit calorie intake. The energy has to come from somewhere. According to studies, seven to eight hours of sleep seem to be the optimum for adults.

    Water - remember to drink enough water! The fluid balance in the body also affects blood sugar, so get your approximately two liters of fluid per day. Water is absolutely the best, while sugary drinks should be limited to festive occasions.


    A few rules of thumb regarding diet

    As mentioned, your food is important with respect to blood sugar – and here you can benefit from remembering that all three macronutrients should be present in your meals: Healthy fat, protein and carbohydrate. Fat and protein contribute to a greater feeling of satiety and to the fact that blood sugar fluctuations become smaller.

    In general, get your carbohydrates from coarse vegetables, as they affect blood sugar less and at the same time supply the body with other healthy nutrients.

    Chromium you will find i.a. in foods such as shellfish, meat, beans, nuts, raisins and spices.

    Chromium contributes to the metabolism of dietary macronutrients - and you can find a good absorbable chromium yeast in Pharma Nord's Bio-Chromium with 100 mcg of organic chromium.