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    Tests show why it is important to choose Q10 carefully


    We want to feel safe when shopping online. This applies especially with products like Q10, where we pay for an effect. However, a new test of Q10 preparations shows that even reputable websites have products where some manufacturers have had their thumb on the scales, so to speak.

    Coenzyme Q10 has become one of the most requested preparations and has many satisfied customers. Many consumers buy Q10 supplements online and should be able to do so without worry, but according to a new test of Q10 supplements sold through an international and widely recognized website, consumers are at risk of being scammed if they are not careful. The news is reported on


    Seven out of eight failed

    The test was carried out by a company which several years ago became aware of how few Q10 products actually met the minimum requirements for quality. Publication of the test results has won several awards within the dietary supplement industry and is appreciated. In the latest iteration, eight Q10 preparations, which had previously failed a quality test, were tested again. It turned out that seven of them still had quality problems. At the same time, the testing agency learned that there was a discrepancy between the declared and the actual content of Q10.


    Way too low a dose

    For example, the manufacturers of four different products used a trick where they wrote "CoQ10 400 mg Max Strength" on the front of the product but wrote "400 mg/6% potency" on the back. This means that the consumer gets only 24 mg of Q10, which is less than half as much as the lowest dose that has been tested in clinical research. 

    Researchers normally use doses of 100-300 mg daily in scientific studies.


    Completely ignoring absorption


    However, like virtually all other consumer tests of Q10 preparations, the latest study has the weakness that it does not look at the most important parameter – absorption.

    The content of Q10 in mg is, of course, important and relevant, but if the active substance is not absorbed into the blood and into the cells, the amount of the content has virtually no meaning.

    Scientifically proven Q10

    As one of the few manufacturers, Pharma Nord can provide scientific documentation for the absorbability of the Q10 content in the company's various Q10 preparations. What is even more important are the many published studies that have been carried out with Pharma Nord's Q10 formulation, in which high absorption and beneficial clinical effects have been demonstrated. This applies, among other things, to large studies such as KiSel-10 (International Journal of Cardiology, 2013) and Q-Symbio (JACC, Heart Failure, 2014).