Supports metabolism by increasing the burning of fat

With CLA, Green Tea extract and L-Carnitine. Daily use of this product in combination with exercise and a healthy diet may offer you the following advantages:

  • Supports weight loss 24 hours a day
  • Improved balance between fat and muscle
  • Increased firmness
  • Achieve a healthier waist-hip ratio
  • Reduce fat from the critical zones like hips, thighs and stomach

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Nutritional information     % RDA*
Per daily intake - 2 tablets and 4 capsules      
CLA (fatty acids from Safflower oil) 3000 mg   **
of which      
Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) 2400 mg   **
Green Tea Extract 750 mg   **
CarniPrecise® 300 mg   **

* RDA: Recommended Daily Allowance
** RDA not established

Product Facts

Take 2 pink tablets at lunch and 4 brown capsules at dinner or as recommended by a physician.
Do not exceed recommended amount.
To be taken with food.

Not suitable for vegetarians.

Pregnant and lactating women and those on medication should seek proffesional advice prior to taking supplements.

Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

To be combined with an active lifestyle and diet for an enhanced effect.

Pink tablets:
Green tea extract, L-Carnitine-L-Tartrate (CarniPrecise®); Bulking agent: microcrystalline cellulose, firming agent: talc, silicon dioxide, anticaking agent, magnesium salts of fatty acids, glazing agent, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose; firming agent: tricalcium phosphate; colour: red beet extract; glazing agent; zein.

Brown soft capsules:
Mixture of fatty acids from safflower oil containing a minimum of 80 % CLA; capsule: gelatine; humectant: glycerol; capsule: purified water; colour: ammonia caramel.

Dark, dry and at room temperature. Keep out of reach of young children.

What is BioActive CLA 24/7?

BioActive CLA 24/7 - in some countries named Duo Slim - is a dietary supplement with three active ingredients including Green tea that supports the body’s fat metabolism in a natural way and is designed for 24-hour action. The pink tablets contain green tea and carnitine and the soft brown gelatin capsules contain CLA from Safflower oil. Take the tablets before lunch with a large glass of water. Take the capsules and swallow whole before dinner with a large glass of water. Always take BioActive CLA 24/7 with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding
As there are no studies available on the effects of BioActive CLA 24/7 during pregnancy and breastfeeding we do not recommend taking BioActive CLA 24/7 during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The active ingredients

About CLA

CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) is a naturally occurring, polyunsaturated fatty acid found in the meat of ruminants (cows, sheep, etc.) and dairy from these animals. CLA is also a natural part of our diet. It is formed in the rumen of grazing cattle in a process where linoleic acid from grass is transformed into CLA. Some of the best sources of CLA are beef and dairy products like milk, cheese, and yoghurt. There are many different variants of CLA which also have different effects in the body. BioActive CLA 24/7 contains the CLA isomers T10, C12 & C9,T11. The CLA used in BioActive CLA 24/7 comes from the herb Safflower. CLA is a GRAS-certified (Generally Recognized as Safe) food additive.

About Green tea extract

Green tea extract is particularly popular among dieters and people who want to burn fat. It is the high content of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) in green tea extract (GTE) that is  believed to be responsible for most of green tea’s positive effects. EGCG supports your fat metabolism by increasing the burning of fat.

About Carnitine

Carnitine is a non-essential, water-soluble amino acid. "Non-essential" in this context means that the body, under normal circumstances, is able to synthesize carnitine in the liver and kidneys using the amino acid lysine. If the body was not capable of producing carnitine, it would be a B vitamin.

The body's own production of carnitine is assisted by another amino acid, methionine, and vitamin C. In addition, iron, vitamin B6, and niacin are involved in several enzymatic processes. The L-form of carnitine is the only one that is of value to humans.

Most of the body's carnitine supply is stored in muscle tissue, including the heart muscle. Normal seminal fluid also contains carnitine.

Our carnitine levels drop with increasing age.

One of the roles of carnitine in the body is its contribution to the mitochondrial oxidation of long-chain fatty acids.

75% of our carnitine is obtained from the diet. The largest contributing dietary source of carnitine is dairy and red meat, with lamb, game, and beef containing the most. Carnitine is only found in limited quantities in plant protein and for that reason vegetarians (and vegans) often have much lower levels of this amino acid.

The carnitine used in BioActive CLA 24/7 is pure, nature-identical L-carnitine.

Additional support

Avoid sugar cravings

Chromium supports normal blood sugar levels. Chromium is a trace element involved in the normal turnover (metabolism) of macro-nutrients from the food, which is a key factor in the conversion of sugar and fat in the body.

Blood sugar is a common term for blood levels of glucose, which is the body's energy source. The glucose content rises after a meal and subsequently decreases as the glucose is absorbed by the cells. The risk of sugar cravings are greatest when the blood sugar is low. Therefore, it is desirable to achieve a daily blood glucose curve without excessive volatility.

Bio-Chromium is organically bound chromium from chromium yeast (ChromoPrecise®) with up to 10x better bioavailability than other chromium sources.


Woman looking at her buttocks in a mirrorAvoid the “yo-yo effect”

The weight loss and subsequent weight gain followed by new attempts to lose weight cause your weight to bounce up and down like a yo-yo, hence the term “yo-yo effect”. A CLA supplement with green tea extract can help you burn more fat, thereby preventing fat from being stored in the body.

Combine with exercise

It is generally a good idea to combine green tea extract with regular exercise. Green tea has fat-burning properties of its own but with exercise you stimulate your muscles to burn even more fat, making it easier for you to see results.

Official claims

The EU Food Safety Agency (EFSA) has evaluated the evidence behind the product's content of Green Tea and has acknowledged the following statement:

  • Green tea supports the fat metabolism by increasing the burning of fat.

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